Our History

The Road to the Perfect Strand

People Bee Hoon Factory was founded in 1943, when a rice vermicelli seller was trying to make ends meet while overcoming hardships. Through it all, the quality of the rice vermicelli was never compromised. Each perfect strand was the fruits of labour such as meticulous selection of rice grains, manual preparation and production of rice vermicelli.


Over the years, the manufacturing of rice vermicelli has moved from the labour-intensive, hand-made production to semi-automated processes. Our production lines use German machinery that allows precise control over the temperature and volume of water and broken rice grains. To ensure quality-consistent rice vermicelli, strict process controls are exercised at every stage of the production from the grinding of grains, soaking, blending and steaming to drying, cutting and packaging.


Our new factory at 10 Chin Bee Drive

Even while automating our processes, we take pride in preserving the distinctive taste and fragrance of our delicious rice vermicelli which has won the hearts of our customers.


In 2011, we took the next step in food safety assurance and clinched both HACCP and ISO22000 certification. Since then, we have been consistently upgrading and maintaining our systems and facilities. In 2015, we moved to a new building at Chin Bee Drive, three times the size of our old factory at Defu Lane. With this momentuous move, we are planning to achieve the highest food safety standard globally, BRC, in the near future.