New Product : Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli!

New Product : Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli!

Welcoming a new Healthier Choice product to our catalogue – Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli!


Like our other Rice Vermicelli products under Chilli Brand, Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli is proudly made in Singapore, and only with the highest quality red cargo rice!  We are also happy to say that the Health Promotion Board has certified our Red Rice Vermicelli as a healthier choice product, being “Higher in Wholegrains” and “Lower in Saturated Fat”! 

We’ve spent more than a year developing this tasty yet healthy alternative for white rice vermicelli (or, bee hoon). Our formula is carefully refined to give our customers the best taste, texture and quality that a wholegrain rice vermicelli can offer.

Taste-wise, you may expect a very slight delightful nutty flavour especially if eaten plain or in light dishes. In heavier broths, sauces and soups, the flavour is almost undetectable and most will think they are eating regular white rice vermicelli, when actually it is a much healthier alternative! In fact, the texture is surprisingly soft and easy to eat. This is what makes our Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli so special. 

“Why Red Rice?” 

Red rice is similar to brown rice – except that it is richer in iron, zinc, and antioxidants! Anthocyanins, an antioxidant in Red Rice, is the compound causing the rice to appear Red. Antioxidants are known to be beneficial for health due to their ability to combat cancer-causing free radicals. Other fruits and veggies which have antioxidants are blue and red varieties such as blueberries, red cabbage, and wolfberries. 

This is why we chose to use Red Rice, a premium ingredient, over brown rice. Despite the higher cost of red rice compared to brown rice, we feel that the benefits make it worthwhile, and we still maintain our prices of Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli to be affordable too!

Red rice is rich in fibre, making our Red Rice Vermicelli a great bee hoon alternative for diabetics! This is because foods rich in fibre provide the feeling of fullness when eaten, and are also digested more slowly. This reduces the occurence of sudden spikes in blood sugar after meals, and prevents one from over-eating. 


Our Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli can now be found in major supermarkets such as NTUC! For members of the food industry, if you would like to know more about our healthier choice red rice vermicelli for your business, feel free to give us a call at +65 6267 5758 or drop us an email at