Our Trademark

CHILLI BRAND: Premium Distinction

In order to enjoy the authentic Chilli Brand rice vermicelli, one just has to look out for 2 distinctive features in the packaging:

(1) A pair of red chillies hanging down from the branch,
(2) People Bee Hoon Factory company logo.

These two iconic logos are always found in tandem. The aim of the simple and traditional Chilli Brand logo is to transform it into an easily recognizable brand around the world; where customers will be confident of getting an exceptional premium quality product with consistency in quality.



The Chilli Brand rice vermicelli is manufactured exclusively by People Bee Hoon Factory. Despite facing stiff competition from both local & international competitors, our Chilli Brand rice vermicelli is still the leading market brand in Singapore. This is achievable because of our consistent delivery of promise of quality-assured product, and backed by more than 70 years of manufacturing experience.

The Chilli Brand rice vermicelli is recognized for its excellent eating quality, and its distinctive aromatic rice fragrance. Despite the transformation from a manual to semi-automated production, these characteristics are duly maintained. In addition, we have taken a step further to date-code our products to ensure complete traceability; thereby, recognizing the paramount importance of food safety and Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.