Our Commitment

Delivering the best with responsibility

We recognize our responsibility to ensure that our products are safe and wholesome for our customers consumption. Therefore, we maintain good hygiene and food safety practices, and manufacture our products under AVAs stringent food safety standards and regulations. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team to hold our ISO 22000:2005 and SS 590 standards to the highest level of integrity. 

A diligent pursuit

At People Bee Hoon Factory, we understand that the humble bowl of rice vermicelli is a simple pleasure for many families. To produce a final tasty product, we strive to use quality raw materials and blend them with the master knowledge gleaned from decades of experience in rice vermicelli manufacturing.

The secret behind our fragrant and springy clear white strands of vermicelli, lies in the raw material rice. All our rice vermicelli are made using quality 100% broken grains from Thailand (where we have direct and amicable relationships with the reputable Thai rice suppliers).

We are dedicated to advancing the tradition of the humble bowl of rice vermicelli beyond homes, which is why our products may also be found in restaurants, food courts and F&B outlets. Beyond Singapore, our products are exported to  Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and other parts of the world. Besides that, we have a good track record of providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services to both local retailers and overseas markets.